Human Resource Management System

Our human resource management system has three modules:

  • Personnel records
  • Wage calculation
  • Accounting

Personnel records module

Includes a set of processes relating to records of employee data, records of service movements, records of documents and employee solutions, systematization of jobs and reporting on the basis of this data.

Wage calculation module

It encompasses processes related to the input of data necessary for the process of calculating employee salaries, the process of calculation and reporting on the basis of generated data in the process of wage calculation.

Accounting module

Consists of the process of automatic formation of accounts or orders in the general ledger based on the calculation of earnings of employees. The order may be formed at the level of the organizational unit for which the billing is declared or by the organizational units that are subordinate to it. The difference between these two order formations is whether the employee wages are formed at the company level or at the level of organizational units.